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Change the way you engage!
 Introducing HUSH 🤫 
Hush Coin ($HUSH) was specifically created with the ambitious goal to “change the way you engage” and does so by keeping the best interests of both token holders and the creator community at the forefront of the project, whilst also donating a percentage of project proceeds to domestic violence charities.
 Why should I HODL my Hush Coins? 

 Hold and Earn 

2% of every transcation is redistributed to the community. Tokens pile up as you HODL.
We actively listen to adult content creators and adapt our platform as we build to better suit their needs.

 Changing The Game 

 Social Cause 

A portion of each transaction will be donated to selected charities and organizations
Liquidity pool is locked for 12months
Piles of Paper


For detailed information about HUSH, our mission, tokenomics, and how we benefit the community, creators, organizations and charities, please view our WhitePaper.


The Hush Dev Team is committed to the overall vision and success of the project. Although ambitious, we firmly believe that the Future Roadmap goals are achievable, through the collaborative efforts of the team, a community of creators and token holders.



  • Conceptualization of Hush Coin.

  • Initial Token Burn.

  • Liquidity locked for 12 months.

  • Hush Coin ownership renounced.

  • Development team recruitment.

  • Official whitepaper drafted.



  • Round one Social media marketing activation (Twitter, Telegram & Instagram).

  • Official website launched.

  • Charity partnership vetting.

  • Content creator community vetting.

  • Official Whitepaper published.

  • Digital marketing strategy finalised.



  • First Donation to selected charity confirmed.

  • Digital marketing push (paid ads, PR campaigns).

  • Multiple exchange listings.

  • Trust wallet integration.

  • Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko Integration.

  • Content creator confirmations.



  • NFT Conceptualizations.

  • Content Creators onboarding.

  • Creator Platform planning.

  • Expand listings.

  • Audit of Hush smart contract through a third party. 


Further Development

  • NFT design concepts finalized, minting begins.

  • Marketplace functionality confirmed, development begins.

  • Re-vamped digital marketing & PR campaigns.

  • 2022 road map release.

Keep an eye on the Hush social media channels for the latest project updates and announcements.

Frequently asked questions

What are HUSH tokenomics?

The overall transaction is 5%, this is broken down into the following: 2% of every transaction is sent to our advertising wallet fund.
2% of every transaction is kicked back to HUSH holders.
1% of every transaction is burnt forever.

How was HUSH Launched?

HUSH was launched on the BSC network. 80% of the total supply was immediately burnt and 19.5% was allocated and locked in liquidity with Pancake Swap.
Our advertising wallet started with a modest holding of 0.5%.

What is HUSH COIN?

The team at HUSH COIN are aiming to provide holders the unique ability to gain access (virtual) to personalities they may otherwise not be able to reach. This gives creators the chance to give back their fan base/community in the most unique way possible.

How do I know Hush is SAFU?

locking liquidty (link on web site) provides a level of comfort as the market to buy and sell is heavily reliant on the liquidity pool, without it, you would not be able to transfer your tokens.

How do I buy it?

Buying HUSH coins is very simple and you can secure your bags in as little as a few minutes. Want in? Simply click the big “buy now” button on our website and it will take you to our guide to purchase. Easy as that. If you struggle, there’s even a step-by-step video tutorial on how to buy.

Is there a minimum (or) maximum purchase amount?

Not at all, the price impact will give a guide as to whether or not your returns will be impacted too high, and so reducing your buy/sell limit should be considered.

What do I need to get hush coins?

Simple! You just need the Trust Wallet app, some BNB (smart chain BNB tokens), and you can use pancake swap inside your trust wallet app to get HUSH coins in as little as a few minutes. Click the big “buy now” button on our website and it will take you to our guide to purchase.

What is the purpose of this project?

To raise awareness around organizations and charities that are usually topics kept hush hush. Hush will build a unique platform that will enable Fiat and Crypto payments for content whilst also helping creators better understand crypto and how they can potentially monetize NFT's.

What charities/organisations are you donating to?

Hush will focus on donating to any charity/organisation surrounding Domestic Violence primarily. Hush are not limited to any one charity/organisation.

Is it easy to get my money back and sell?

Absolutely. At any time when you’re holding HUSH coins, you have the ability to buy/sell as you wish. If you sell your tokens you will no longer recieve tokens when the community buy/sell.

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